And on the count of three...


I can't stand that song of Common's that Kayne produced. But it's so infectious. Yes, it's infected my brain and every hour or so I say,'Goooooo!'.

I made it to the Hiphop Theatre Festival this year. Not like the year I actually I made a musical contribution to one of the plays produced and performed there. Ran into folks I hadn't seen in years. Was a good thing. Sorta.

Jesus Taco was closed. Had to settle for diner food.

So where does this sabbath day for some take us. Perhaps I'll gather all of my info and complete the consciouspodcast site. Actually, it's time to get oiled up and running I have new prints to sell. needs to be updated as well. Time to add that Broke MC cd to the online store. There's alot I can do. Should do.

I tried to stay awake to watch Ong Bak, but I was way too tired and when sitting up watching and reading the subtitles became too laborous, I opted for laying down and just watching, soon after that, it became me turning over and listening. I'll watch it when I'm awake. Coherent.

I'm on writer's block as it comes to this prose.

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