Hu: Keystyle

two words, death defied, as i testify, they request that i, remain silent,
while my mind and my rhymes remain to be violent, but my sense tells me to be silent
like niggah be quiet, for you cause a riot, man forget the law, the wars inside
capsize this slaveship mentality. kick facts back yah mind up to the reality
in a blue or red pill, death come daily, but they still want you to pay bills
loan sharks, slum lords, some own record plantations, own what you spit digitized through the sound board
with hiphop realized i was bored, for i started a new tour... of duty
my job is to cultivate minds, and spit truely..duely noted, i quoted the next mind for the last time
not being ones own self is truely a crime, sue me if i'm infringin on yah clone rights
but yah so called rights in this so called life just got bodied
unpatriotic, to the likes of yah crocodile equatics
your best boy and best girl are at best westworld... pretty animatronic
never to be wise to the truth clevely disguised... keepin yah high on that wine and chronic

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