Organzied Konfusion

Dadda da...

I wonder what ever happened to my Organized Konfusion cd or tape of Equinox. I feel like listening to it right now. Maybe I'll find my Extinction Agenda. I could use that too right about now.

I'm a bit sore today, from running 2 fulls yesterday. Been a minute since I seriously played basketball. Things haven't changed. Dudes still won't drive to the basket. The jumpshot challenged opt for it anyway. Live by the jumper die by it and wait around for next once you've lost the game.

Soreness doesn't last forever.
Today I prep for an art festival.
Decide on what ringtones I wanna sell.
Contemplate on podcast or no.

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obifromsouthlondon said...

them two were dynamic together. totally, insanely underated. lost mine but go em off soulseek last year.