Who's The Black Sheep ? Where's The Other Black Sheep ?

Just came in from Joe's Pub. Wondering where the second half of Black Sheep was, as tonight Dres held it down for dolo. Dres wasn't bad or anything. Actually he was quite on point except for one tiny spill spittin. It just was a lil akward I guess. There's new material which isn't bad, but we don't know it. First time listening to a song when it comes to Hiphop isn't usually done at a live performance. Perhaps, if Black Sheep was allowed airplay, that would be a lil different. Dres did some cool joints that kinda make you wish you got to hear some real lyricism more often. Less frivolous rhymes about nonsense. Things that don't matter.

I thought to myself about De La Soul's most recent offering 'The Grind Date' ( I listened to it again for the first time, just the other day) and how that is what us now approaching, thirty and those of us thirty plus ought to be listening to. Grown folks music. Adult Hiphop. Man, some of us are married. A lot of us have children of our own and these kats are speaking to us. I'm hoping Common's 'Be' goes platinum although I'm not actually in love with the album but feel that it is still a quality release, I realize that we are the ones to blame for not making it a point, to make sure that these artists that got us through junior high, high school & college get the respect and spins that they deserve.

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