The grinds stylistic, gifted..
givin phrases
answers for questions gettin you outtah mazes
nothin cease to amaze this griot,
return of the clones
dow jones
robots need oil durin these sands wars..
tip of the iceburg
say word...
sheeps get hearded to slaughter...
no trade no barter..
on the corner beggin for quarter waters
somethin similar
to in the future sippin vinegar
to clean out systems
crack kills but who are the real victims..
at times the minds like san quintin
a hot cell,
inmates is thought finna break out...
in a elevator stuck... trynah deliver this take out...
flippin funds, tradin toys for guns trynah make out
or make sense of attempts to lock me up under false pretense
patience been spent on the frivolous
like fam... you can't be serious ?
delirious, like the jokes on you, trapped in the murphey bed...
on yah last leg sweatin trynah get out the red

Stumbled upon that ol instrumental from Da Stakes Is High... Quite possibly my favorite Hiphop Album...

Though most seem to be partial to De La Soul Is Dead.

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when we gonna record?